01 June 2008

Carol Hughes - pop singer ± 1960

Carol Hughes is a not uncommon name. There is an actress by that name who played in a Flash Gordon movie, there is a British writer, and many many more Carol Hughes'es around. That's what makes it hard to find more about that singer Carol Hughes who recorded from 1956-1962 on various US labels.

I have no personal information about the singer. She may be born around 1940 in the Los Angeles area (one of her songs figures on a soul compilation The Sound of East L.A). She's got a good, swinging, deep, powerful voice. She could be black.
Listen to her song Lover Boy

Below an autographed single release.

She has recorded quite some songs. She must have been known outside the US. The record on Mercury that I've got is a release printed in Norway.
That makes it extra strange that I haven't been able to find any other information about her.

1956-57 on Mercury:
Merc 70986 Fancy Dance/ Mine all mine (Oct. 1956)
Merc 71095 My Big Brother's Friend/ Lover Boy (Apr. 1957)
1957-58 on Roulette:
Roul 4032 Pick Another Baby / Never Go 'way (Oct. 1957)
Roul 4041 Lend Me Your Comb/ First Date (Jan. 1958)
1958-59 on Dot
Dot 15863 The Bass/ Don't forget I love you (Nov. 1958)
Dot 15923 Bobby/ Sholem Aleichem (March 1959)
1959-60 for RCA-Victor
RCA 7605 Staying Young/ Going to the dogs (Sept. 1959)
RCA 7617 It's me, it's me, it's me/ I must have done something wonderful (Oct. 1959)
RCA 7665 Let Me Go Lover / When Did I Fall In Love (Jan. 1960)
RCA 7726 Creation/ Love, Kisses and Heartaches (Apr. 1960)
RCA 7763 I Can Tell/ Congratulations (June 1960)
For Corby
Corby 212 Let's Get Together Again/ Don't Turn Your Back
year unknown; some 1965-67 Corby releases exist, but 1960 could also be possible
1961-62 for Carlton
Carlton 571: Hello Heartbreak/ She's right for you (end 1961, early 1962?)

No information of recording after 1962.
Any help...?

Update Nov. 2009:
Picture of Carol found!
Paper (1956) says: "...a 14 years old, sophomore at West Oranje (NJ) high school, singing since the age of 2, TV experience in Athur Murray Dance Party and the Dean Martin Show...."


agoldman said...

Carol is a friend of the family...you are correct that she was born about that time, but is from the NY area and is white. She does not perform anymore, but still has a great voice.

Kees said...
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Albert Downing said...

so what more info is there like the actual release year of lets get together again..that record is huge with the low rider crowd

Anonymous said...

We need to ask Carol to join facebook or something! Lots of youtube singers will post ways to find them in facebook. Carol has an awesome voice! "The Bass" just knocks me out! It works because of the power of Carol's voice! We love you Carol Hughes!

Anonymous said...

I think there were at least two female singers with the name Carol Hughes. I have the Dot single and it's entirely different from the Corby label hit, which has a black soul sound. Just my opinon.

adf3 said...

Carol appeared on the Jimmie Rodgers TV show on August 11, 1959.

freezonetrumpet said...

I would agree that the Carol Hughes who recorded "Let's Get Together Again" is a different singer than the one discussed here.

freezonetrumpet said...

"Let's Get Together Again" was released in 1966.

Anonymous said...

Carol is my stepmother. She will occasionally sing a few bars at a family gathering and her voice is great. She still lives in West Orange, NJ.