16 September 2007

Bobby Wattrell - one 45rpm only?

Bobby Wattrell, [a name that seems to rhyme on: what the hell] who is he...?

I've got this nice 45 rpm of him, but have no information about the singer at all...

The facts: Bobby recorded one 45 rpm record on Magnasound 45-701: Terry b/w Bye Bye Blackbird. One side a John D. Loudermilk song, the other written by Dixon-Henderson. Released December 1963.

Magnasound is a subsidiary label of Monument records. The song is labeled as "A Norro production". Without a doubt this is Norro Wilson, the country singer/ songwriter, who worked for Monument records.

Listen to a sample of Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

Google does not give many clues to the name Bobby Wattrell. He probably hasn't recorded any more as a solo artist.

The family name Wattrell seems to be not very common. Which gives me hope that someday someone somewhere will happen to find my page and be able to tell me more about the singer...

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Anonymous said...

Well I've had that 45 since about 1964. It says Disc Jockey Sample on my copy and the star is a little higher up on the label. I've wondered who he was for over 40 years. If you find out please let me know.