09 December 2007

Don Argo - 1965/66 artist

Don Argo, a pop singer whom I have no biographic information about.

Don recorded 3 singles for the Nashville Hickory label. See discography below.

I have no other recording information about him, nor have I seen a picture, birth date or whatever. Anybody can help me?

This Don Argo is not the math professor/ writer (book: Canaveral Light). I mailed him, but he does not know his musical namesake.

Don's first (?) record I Love You, Lucy was a local success in Clovis, New Mexico. It hit the KCLV Top 10 in July 1965.

Two follow-up records flopped. Of which Candy Sue shows Don doing a nice Buddy Holly style pop song. I haven't heard the third one.

Any additions will be appreciated!


Hickory 45-1318 (1965): I Love You, Lucy / Linda With The Lonely Eyes

Hickory 45-1352 (1965): Blue Heartaches / Candy Sue

Hickory 45-1380 (1966): Go To Him / She's Not A Bad Girl


Anonymous said...

What a great song!

Love it, played on my radio show here in Sydney, Australia..

Anonymous said...

Don Argo also used the name Tex Ashby.
He was from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I don't remember his real name. He performed frequently at a club then known as "The Burger Ranch" on Hwy 58 outside Chattanooga. This was in the mid to late 60's.

Lyn said...

Kees, an entry on this page (alas! preview only) from Chattanooga High School Yearbook, Class of 1958: WAYNE ARTHUR TEX ASHBY. A member of the school choir, so...


Kees said...

Thank you Lyn for your suggestion.
Yes, it could be him. So name Wayne Arthur Ashby. There are a few Wayne A. Ashby's around, but no match so far.