12 September 2008

Lita Marino - one record wonder?

This girl recorded one 45 for Warner Brothers. That is all I know about her. Nothing more.

The record was released in the summer of 1962 on WB 5302. On the A-side was John Loudermilk's Big Daddy, the B-side was "Sittin' On A Train".
The record was a tiny local break out in the fall of '62. In Seattle, Washington, on the KJR Fabulous Fifty, Lita reached a #41-spot on October 1st, 1962.

Listen to a sample of Big Daddy.
She sounds a little like Sue Thompson (Sue actually covered the song 2 years later and reached a bubbling under Billboard's Hot 100 chart position).

Lita's song may have been released in Spanish countries, as a part of the WB sampler "Bailable".

I wonder if there is anybody who can tell me more about this Lita Marino...

Update Jan. 2011
Lita Marino herself gave a reaction to this blog!!! See Reactions below


Alice Jean said...

Oh my goodness...this is me!!!
I cant tell you how special it was to hear this again. What a blessing!
Well, you just never know what the future hold do you?
Marino was my maiden name and Lita is what my manager picked out for me.
I would sure love a copy of of this for myself since I gave all my extras away lololol.
Thank you so much for the sweet memories...I have put a few songs on Soundclick.com ...and before that, mp3.com. I still love to sing and write...always will.
Thank you so much... and may God bless you on this journey of "life"
Lita Marino (Alice Jean Synuria)

Alice Jean said...

Thats me! I was so surprised to see this. My name is Alice Jean Synuria now. Since then, I have put some music on Soundclick.com. I cant tell you what a thrill it was to listen to this as I have given all my records away. Is there any way I can get a copy??
Thanks and God Bless you and yours :o)

Kees said...

Thank you Alice / Lita for your reaction!
I'd love to hear more about your musical career, recordings etc!
Please mail me k.vd.hoeven@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information (and a big tip of the hat to Alice Jean if she happens to read this!), as I was curious after coming across a Norwegian (!) pressing of this record. The local WB licensee issued many US hits and contenders in miniscule runs here, usually just a few hundred copies, and despite collecting for years I've never come across this one earlier. Anyway, I really like Lita's voice and singing, and actually appreciate the B-side Sittin' on a Train just as well as the A-side. Both songs should be naturals on "girl group sound" or "rockabilly chick" type collections. And Sittin' on a Train isn't even on youtube. Somebody ought to do something about it. Cheers, Sigbjørn