28 December 2013

Who was the Jeanie Greene who recorded 1964-1965?

I'm trying out to find who was the obscure singer Jeanie Greene who recorded two sides in 1964.
She seems to be another girl singer than the rather well known girl by the same name who recorded for Atco and Elektra in 1968-1971, see Jeanie-2. Jeanie-2 is soul, while 'my' Jeanie-1 is country.

I know of two records that 'country' Jeanie Greene recorded:

  • April 1964: "Land of Lovin' (The License Plate Song)" b/w "The Doggone Machine", released on Kangaroo 45-K-28, also released on Sparton 1263 (Canada).
    Kangaroo was the label of songwriter Les Kangas, who wrote both sides. Les Kangas was an interesing 1950s C&W songwriter. A song writer who could not read music but could write (most novelty) songs. His best known song was "Beetle Bug Bop" (1955) by the Collins Kids 
  • Probably end 1964: "What'll I Do?" b/w "Halfway Loved", released on Beck 45-106. The A was a good old John D. Loudermilk song, the B was written by Walker & Powell. Click to hear samples. The song What'll I Do is copyrighted December 1964, while the Raleigh Register of Jan. 15th 1965 mentions a music dance in Big Ed's Owl Club with What'll I Do-recording artist Jeanie Greene. So I guess release was late 1964.
Where is this Jeanie from? The Kangaroo-label is a San Gabriel CA label, as the label says, though other sources name it a Houston TX label. The Beck label is the Chuck Nary label from West Virginia, which also is where the Raleigh Register comes from.

Who can give me more information...?


jackmarie said...

It is very informative blog to me since I did not have any idea “Jeanie Greene” among female singers. But as per your blog, I can say she would have a fantastic voice at her time. I would love to know more about her. Please share here.

Walter Goldstein said...

Is this the same woman that was a backup singer @ the concert for Bangladesh?

Walter Goldstein said...
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Anonymous said...

My father was the writer, publisher, owned Kangaroo Records. Nothing to do with Kangaroo in Texas; we lived in the LA area. I do not know much about her, but am finally getting "into the business" and can let you know. I have a bunch of 45's of the recording on Kangaroo. lesliekangas@yahoo.com