16 June 2007

Sarah Northcutt - RKO artist

Who was Sarah Northcutt who recorded 2 songs on the RKO label? The RKO 1840 release: Leav'n Woman Blues b/w Don't Quit. Both John D. Loudermilk penned songs.

Two great songs. A little blues, folk, jazz. Catchy and moving.
"I came into this world, an innocent baby-girl. My dad played tuba with Lombardo...", what a way to start the song!

Is this RKO Master label a sublabel of the well known 1950s RKO Unique label based in New York?

I haven't found another RKO Master release so far and the numbers and label outlook do not seem to correspond with the RKO Unique releases.
And who was this Sarah, who recorded these two great sides? The Northcutt family genealogy forum could not help me so far.
A Sara(h) Northcutt does not seem to have recorded any other songs.

Update Oct. 2009:
From the Billboard magazine of April 1960, I learned that RKO Master probably was an Oklahoma label. The record was released in April 1960, and got a three-star review. RKO published an add, with a picture of Sarah. She was described as Oklahoma University Coed. For the details see my page.

Update Apr. 2011:
Found! I've got a reaction from Sara's son in law who contacted me with Sara (no H, mistake made by the record company). She now lives in CA and is practising attorney. She just made this one 45 record. Read the story on my page.