12 September 2008

Lita Marino - one record wonder?

This girl recorded one 45 for Warner Brothers. That is all I know about her. Nothing more.

The record was released in the summer of 1962 on WB 5302. On the A-side was John Loudermilk's Big Daddy, the B-side was "Sittin' On A Train".
The record was a tiny local break out in the fall of '62. In Seattle, Washington, on the KJR Fabulous Fifty, Lita reached a #41-spot on October 1st, 1962.

Listen to a sample of Big Daddy.
She sounds a little like Sue Thompson (Sue actually covered the song 2 years later and reached a bubbling under Billboard's Hot 100 chart position).

Lita's song may have been released in Spanish countries, as a part of the WB sampler "Bailable".

I wonder if there is anybody who can tell me more about this Lita Marino...

Update Jan. 2011
Lita Marino herself gave a reaction to this blog!!! See Reactions below