19 May 2010

Jan Sanders - who was this singer?

I think it is rather unlikely that I will ever learn more about the artist Jan Sanders who recorded just one 45-record in 1962. But who knows if this blog entry may help....

The poor facts:
Jan Sanders recorded for the New York label Todd one record: the songs "Teenager Three" backed with "You Reap Just What You Sow", on Todd-1075.
The release was reviewed by Billboard on July 7th, 1962. The record got a 4-star rating ("strong sales potential"): The teen-age triangle is told, both sung and spoken, by the lad here. He sings against a simple backing employing trombone, organ rhythm and fem chorus.
The record was also released in Canada on REO-8648.

In June 1962, "Teenagers Three" was labeled one of the Mighty Mitchell Battle Winners in the San Francisco KYA Swingin' Sixty Charts.
But the song apparently did not chart.

The A-side was written by Jan Hutchens according to the label, but BMI claims the song to be written by a V. Pinelli. May be the same guy, for Pinelli's composition "Save a minute, lose a wife" is elsewhere labeled a Jan Hutchens composition.
Is Jan Hutchens the same as Jan Sanders?

Googling on Jan Sanders gives no specific information. The name is a very common (Dutch) name. Singer Jan Sanders is male, while in English the name Jan often is female.

UPDATE Jan. 2010:
I've got a great reaction from rockabilly singer Keith O'Conner Murphy who knew Jan back in the sixties. Jan Sanders in fact is Jan Hutchens, born in Wabash, IN. Read his reaction in the comments section below!

UPDATE Apr. 2011:
I've got a reaction from Greg Peterson. He was close friend with Jan Tillman Hutchens who was from Wabash, IN. See reaction below. Greg is planning to make a website/blog in Jan's honor. He checks with Keith to see if they are talking about the same Jan Hutchens, who apparently lived a colourful life under many names.