11 April 2007

Yancy Bond - Swampy soul

Yancy Bond, a singer from down south USA. I've got one 45 of him, from August/September1967 on MGM 13765: You're The Guilty One / Keep Walking On. Good songs, good voice, good production. Produced by Huey P. Meaux, A-side composed by Loudermilk, B-side by Fussell.

He also released on Pacemaker 241: My Baby's Calling b/w Keep Walking On, probably second half 1966.
Pacemaker was a label of the (in)famous Huey 'Crazy Cajun' Meaux.

The song Keep Walking On has got that great New Orleans flavoured band's sound. You're The Guilty One has a great swinging organ that makes it even better than the 1966 Loudermilk original. Two great sides.

That's about all I know about this obscure singer. He may have recorded more on obscure Louisiana labels. Got no idea what else in music or else he did. What he looked like, where and when he lived, what has become of him now.