13 May 2007

Jay Fanning from Kentucky

Jay Fanning looked like a boxer.
A singer that released 4 records for the Kentucky ACME label. Debuted early 1960 with These Foolish Things b/w Dreamer (his own composition).
In 1961 followed This Green Earth b/w East of the River and West of the Sea, It's Love b/w Be My Sweetheart (even released with picture sleeve! see image), Baby, Baby b/w Your Love, and Church Bells b/w Destiny.

That's all I know so far. No biographical information about the man, no further releases known.
Who can help?


Doowopmaniac said...

Thanks for listing all the Jay Fenning recordings. I think you got them all complete.
He's one of my favorite 50s artists and I give him airplay frequently on my radio show in SA:
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

He was my godfather!!! Lived with him all my life. My dad and him were best friends until he passed away July 7th 2006. What would you like to know?

Raven Moore. Ravenmoore@hotmail.com

Kees said...

Thank you Ray ! I mailed you for further information - please reply

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to know. Plz, share what you have found out Kees!

Anonymous said...

Jay Fanning attended Tusculum College near Greeneville, TN in the late 50's or early 60's I believe. Not sure if he graduated.
He had a local band in addition to the records, that toured local events such as high school proms, I believe, but his success was mainly with one hit single. It is rumored that he used the proceeds from that record to purchase small motel properties in Myrtle Beach, SC which eventually made him quite wealthy.
Tusculum boy