26 January 2008

Pamela Law - Oklahoma rocker on Boyd?

She recorded, as far as I know, 4 vinyls for Boyd records. An Oklahoma City label, of Bobby Boyd, some releases with an Indian's chief head depicted on a brownish label.
These were her 4 45-rpm records:

Boyd-1985 (Jun 1960) When The Band Plays The Blues b/w Not Like It Was With You
The A-side is a fantastic rockabilly rocker, with a hammering honky tonk piano. The song was composed by John D. Loudermilk and originally recorded by Hank Locklin on RCA one year before. The B-side is probably a cover of the Mel Tillis song, recently unearthed by daughter Pam Tillis on her 2002 cd.

Boyd-1986 (Nov 1960) Just Like You Like It (click to listen) b/w What Did You Do
This record probably was Pamela's biggest seller, though 'big' is of relative notion. The song was penned by a Robert Riley (not likely to be the nowadays Alabama governor!). The B-side was a Walker/ Wilkins song.

Boyd-3036 (May 1961) End of the Line b/w Bingo
Both Robert Riley songs. The seller who labelled the record 'Northern Soul' probably preferred to fool ignorant buyers over giving an accurate description. "Bingo" is a great, fast rocking song, hear it!.

Boyd-119 (Apr. 1962) Naturally / Secret
Again, 2 Robert Riley songs.

Who can tell me who and where Pamela Law (sometimes misspelled as Pamala Law) is, or add other information?

Update Apr. 2010:
I now found more information:
Pamela was born on May 20, 1944 in Davidson County, TN. Her first recording was when 15 years old. Billboard magazine wrote "a Gallatin Tenn. youngster, high school sophomore, frequent guest at Noel Ball's show".
Pam married Joe Lewis Blankenship in 1963 (date explains the end of her recording career).
She was a substitute teacher and later a secretary at Union Elementary and a member of West End Missionary Baptist Church in Gallatin, TN.
Pamela passed away age 58 in 2002.

Still, no more information, no artist photo, ... help!


Unknown said...

I have 3 of her records, She later settled in Gallatin, TN. She has passed away. I am friends with her daughter. What would you like to know?


Kees said...

Hi Darrell.
Please answer the mail I sent you specifying the information I am looking for...